We just received our monthly Costco coupon booklet and noticed fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are on sale with a $7.00 discount through 2/24/13 – no coupon needed!

With that thought in mind, we’re sure you are aware of the necessity of having fire extinguishers around, but are you familiar with the different types?  Here’s a quick primer for most homeowners:

CLASS A – good for wood, paper and some plastic fires.

CLASS B – good for gas, oil, kerosene and grease fires.

CLASS C – good for electrical fires – NOTE:  NEVER USE WATER ON AN ELECTRICAL FIRE!

Most property owners can find a good multipurpose Class ABC extinguisher that fits within their budget.  There are, however, a few rules to follow!

1.  Always know what type of fire extinguisher you are using on what type of fire.  Using the wrong type on the wrong type of fire could be very dangerous!

2.  Be aware that once a fire extinguisher is used, there is a residue which varies according to the type of extinguisher used.  This residue is corrosive, possibly sticky and can harm appliances and electronic equipment among other things.  Clean-up must be immediate and thorough.  Call us – we’re the fire damage experts.

Your goal is to mitigate the damage to your home or property and certainly a fire extinguisher is a must.  Be reminded that some folks believe the “cure is worse than the disease,” but we can help by eliminating the residue!

For futher information, please follow this link:

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