Emergency Water Damage Restoration in High Point, NC

Water damage High Point NC needs to be acted upon quickly. The damage will worsen with each passing minute. To protect residents from water damage, 1st Aide Restoration offers 24/7/365 emergency water extraction services and water damage cleanup. Calling the experts at 1st Aide Restoration as soon as possible will minimize the amount of damage caused by the water loss.

Our team is ready to act, day and night, to protect your home from further water damage and to help you get through these stressful times as quickly as possible. Give us a call today to schedule a water damage High Point inspection.

Water Extraction High Point

Water Extraction High Point

Water Extraction Company

Any moisture in your property needs to be removed fast. Water quickly infiltrates the surrounding materials leading to over-saturation of the drywall, floorboards, and furniture. This causes long-term mold development, rot, and structural instability.  That is why our first priority is to begin the water removal process as quickly as possible.

1st Aide Restoration is an experienced water extraction company with the best water removal equipment in the industry — no matter the volume of water in question. When your home or business requires professional water removal services in High Point, NC you can always count on 1st Aide Restoration.

Common Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes water damage can happen without homeowners noticing. It’s important to know what to look for so that you can spot an issue and address it before it becomes a bigger and more destructive problem. To help you figure out if you have potentially life-endangering water damage High Point on your property, we compiled a list of the most common signs:

  • Water rings on the walls or ceiling.
  • Spongey or soft spots on the bathroom floor.
  • Warping or discoloration under sinks.
  • A moldy or mildew smell.
  • Misshapen, split, or cracked flooring.
Sings of water damage High Point

Common Causes Of Water Damage High Point, NC

The list of possible causes of water damage in High Point is exhaustive. Even though the general opinion is that it happens mostly due to disasters it can be caused by something as silly as a faulty water pipe or a rusty water heater.  In order for you to prevent any major damages, you should understand the possible causes. The most common causes of water damage in High Point, NC include:

Overflowing Sink Or Tub

Overflowing tub High Point

Sewage Backup

Sewage Backup

Appliance Malfunction

Appliance Malfunctions

Our Water Damage Cleanup Process

  • Initial Inspection

    As soon as you notice or suspect water damage in your home or business, call our team of experts at 1st Aide to schedule your free water damage inspection. We will dispatch one of our highly experienced water damage professionals to complete a detailed inspection of your High Point property.

  • Water Removal

    Right after that, our water damage restoration team begins the water extraction phase. Utilizing our industrial-grade water extraction equipment, our team will work day and night to remove every drop of standing water. Quick water removal is the best way to protect your home or business from further damage caused by water infiltration.

  • Removal Of Damaged Materials

    Once your property has been cleared of standing water, the water damage restoration team identifies and removes any irreparably damaged materials. Our team will try to salvage as much as it is possible. This is an important step in stopping the spread of water damage all over your property. If those materials were left to sit, it could lead to rot, mold, and structural instability.

  • Drying & Dehumidification

    Addressing the standing water is a key step, but not the only one with high significance. The drying and dehumidification process is just as important. The focus of this step is to remove the trapped water from any saturated building materials that were not removed in the previous step.

    By using industrial blowers and dehumidifiers, we drive down the relative moisture in these saturated materials. We continually test the building materials with a moisture meter to ensure that our drying process ends at the correct moisture content in order to preserve the structural integrity of the materials while also preventing any mold growth.

  • Water Damage Repairs

    1st Aide Restoration can handle your water restoration process from start to finish. That means that we provide water damage repair services. Our team is highly skilled and can handle all repairs, no matter how small or big.  From minor drywall repairs, to entire kitchen remodels, you can rest assured that we offer the same attention to detail and commitment to quality like it was our own property.