Professional Mold Remediation Services

Mold has been sensationalized to extremes over the past few years and like most things, the truth lies somewhere near the middle. Some folks are more susceptible than others and some molds are worse than others. Basically, there are three ways to tell if you have mold –Mold Damage you can see it, you can smell it or you can have an indoor air quality evaluation. Of course the evaluation is going to cost money but if you feel that your health could be at stake, is it not worth the price? It’s always a good idea to actually apply some science instead of guesswork to a particular situation so you know what, where and how much mold you’re dealing with.

The molds that we concern ourselves with are those that are primarily a result of excessive moisture inside an occupied environment – home, office, crawlspace or basement. Many people make the mistake of telling themselves that “It will be ok, it’s only a little water”. They soon find that it would have been far safer to their family’s health to actively remove the excess moisture, thus likely avoiding any mold growth at all.

It’s also possible that someone was paid to do a drying job and just didn’t have the expertise to do it completely and correctly. That’s why it’s important to make sure your restoration contractor is a Licensed General Contractor. They have the understanding of how structures and building systems are affected by all of the hazards that are possible.

Mold Damage Cleanup, Removal & Remediation

1st Aide Restoration, Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor for the State of North Carolina, an IICRC Certified Firm, staff that is Certified Restorer Status by the RIA, Certified Mold Remediators as well as Certified Mold Inspectors. We have the knowledge and experience to put your mind at ease no matter what problem you may have with your home.

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