Humpty Dumpty Put Back Together Again!

Big tree removed - no chimney.


As many of you know, we take not only a professional interest, but personal interest as well in many of our customers and we have a new favorite customer to add to our list!  As these photos reflect, a massive storm passed through and left a huge tree in the middle of the living room – what was outside was now inside and what was inside was either covered in rafters, insulation, attic items or roof.

Rock wool insulation - EVERYWHERE! This room did NOT have an open cathedral ceiling prior to the storm  Dangling ceiling light - scary

This type of major damage, unfortunately, causes great consternation for both the homeowner and the insurance company.  Although the homeowner’s clock starts ticking, some insurance companies are less than rapid to respond, creating an even greater problem when waiting on adjusters and prices and work to get started!

Once the insurance company decides a claim is warranted, an adjuster (maybe several)  examines the damage, a cost is agreed to and the contractor can begin the repairs.  In the interim, we performed a complete pack-out of the home, cleaned all items and moved them to storage without a guarantee of payment from the insurance company – a risk we often take.

In many cases, the repair agreement can take a while to reach, depending upon what the insurance company feels is justified, such as a consultation with structural engineers, building code upgrades, and believe it or not, a firm quote from us regarding how many dumpster hauls will be required for the repair!

For two months, our customer was living in temporary housing and an agreement was still in negotiation without repairs starting.  Please understand, the goal of many insurance companies is to provide customer service.  Some insurance companies would prefer the homeowner to fix the damage themselves free of charge.  Thus the conundrum.

Good news cometh in drips – we began repairs without an agreed price and eventually worked out the details with the insurance company.  It’s often hard to believe that someone behind a desk hundreds of miles away thinks they can run a project better and more efficiently than the contractor on site while the homeowner is temporarily “homeless.”  It can happen.

Once approved, actual repairs took about 2 months and our customer is back home!  A few updates were performed to boot and we think the home turned out great!!!  Take a look at some of the “before and after” photos below!

For the patience, time and effort, blood, sweat and tears required, we thank you and…



Leslie and Tom!!

Notice the cracked ceiling drywall...  We like the look of the new inset over the sink - Thank you Danny!

There went the den...  Yea!  A clean den!

Here goes the update!    Looks brand new!

Yes, that's part of the ceiling and a magnitude of insulation covering everythng!    Nice new bookcase area


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