Emergency Water Removal Services in Greensboro NC

water extraction, water removalWhether the excess moisture is the result of flooding, an appliance leak, or any other cause, the result is the same. Standing water has the potential to generate serious damages to your Greensboro NC home or business. When you are uncertain of what to do next and who to call, turn to a professional water extraction company for immediate water removal services. Fast water extraction works wonders to prevent secondary damages such as rotting of building materials, mold growth, or structural instability. 

1st Aide Restoration is a trained and certified water removal company. We are trusted in Greensboro, North Carolina and surrounding areas to provide water extraction when it matters most. Rely on our crew to work tirelessly to eliminate all water before starting the drying process. Contact us today for professional water removal, water extraction, and complete water restoration services.


The Hazards of Water in Your Property

Your water extraction needs may occur as the result of any number of causes, including burst pipes, sewage overflows, leaks, and storm damage. We understand exactly how frustrating this experience can be, which is why we recommend calling 1st Aide Restoration at the first signs of water damage. On top of this, there are several hazards of water in your property that will need to be quickly mitigated. Without water removal, you will be left to face the hazards of water and its consequences. We handle the following hazards of water so you don’t have to:

  • Electrocution hazards
  • Gas leaks
  • Exposure to raw sewage
  • Unsound structural integrity

The Water Extraction Process

  1. Water Damage Inspection – We inspect the premises and damages, shutting off the source of the water if necessary before assessing the impact.
  2. Water Removal – Fast water extraction services occur by way of extraction mats, vacuums, and pumps. Our team removes damaged building materials.
  3. Drying & Dehumidification – Air movers and dehumidifiers dry out the space, a process that can take varying lengths of time depending on the amount of water. A sanitizing solution removes bacteria and  deodorizes malodors.
  4. Water Damage Repairs – Water damage repairs return the property to its pre-loss condition. 1st Aide Restoration gets your space back to a habitable state.


Your Trusted Greensboro NC Water Removal Company

water extraction company

Water removal and water extraction are the key steps if you want your property to be back to normal as soon as possible. 1st Aide Restoration employs only the best quality water extraction technicians to eliminate water from your space. As a certified water removal company, we possess the proper equipment to rid of excess moisture. From portable water extractors and hydrometers to water detectors and infrared cameras, you can have peace of mind that we will locate all hidden water.

Failure to obtain comprehensive water removal services can leave moisture in the air. However, you never have to worry when you partner with 1st Aide Restoration. After water removal, or water extraction, we completely dry and dehumidify the building. This prevents swelling, warping, and mold damage on saturated items. Call us 24/7/365 to schedule water extraction services.

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