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A few common causes of fires in homes are:

  • Heating equipment such as kerosene heaters, electric space heaters
  • Smoking and falling asleep
  • Candles
  • Cooking

We apply our knowledge and expertise as fully licensed General Contractors to concentrate on the 3 major areas of any fire damage:

  • Demolition and/or removal
  • Smoke cleaning and odor elimination
  • Repairs

kitchen1  kitchen2  fire_2  Fire Damage

Fire damage repairs normally evolve into construction projects of varying degrees, depending upon the damage incurred. We feel, however, the most important job we have is helping you see that your property will be returned to you in better shape and newer than before. We know you depend upon open communication with us through the entire process. Removing debris and rebuilding is actually the easy part of any fire damage project. Therefore, we place great emphasis on eliminating fire smoke and odors. Smoke residue is generally responsible for a high percentage of the odor present after a fire has occurred and requires specialized knowledge in order to remove. Understanding what causes odors, why the odors are there, where they can hide and how to remove them is one of the most crucial steps of the project. If we haven’t removed the odor, then we haven’t done our job.

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